Volume 12 Issue 4

Fascism and Mass Culture in Howard Chaykin's Blackhawk by Brannon Costello
Breaking Quarantine: Image, Text, and Disease in Black Hole, Epileptic, and Our Cancer Year by Bruce Dadey
Mourning and Melancholia in Alison Bechdel's Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic by Rachel Dean-Ruzicka
George McManus and Irish America by Charles Fanning
The Abyss Gazes Also: The Self-Referential Cynicism of Watchmen by Matthew Levy and Heather Mathews
Review of Beautiful Fighting Girl by Kathryn Hemmann
Review of Projections: Comics and the History of Twenty-First Century Storytelling by Aaron Kashtan
Review of Bart Beaty's Comics Versus Art by Cameron Kunzelman
Review of Unpopular Culture by Tim Lanzendörfer
Review of Critical Survey of Graphic Novels: Independent and Underground Classics by John Rodzvilla
Review of War, Politics, and Superheroes: Ethics and Propaganda in Comics and Film by James E. Siburt
Review of Critical Approaches to Comics: Theories and Methods by Jeremy Stoll
Subtle Coercion or Painfully Obvious Jokes? A Note on Fredrik Stomberg's Comic Art Propaganda: A Graphic History

Volume 12 Issue 3

The Worlds of the Hernandez Brothers by Derek Parker Royal
Autoclastic Icons: Bloodletting and Burning in Gilbert Hernandez's Palomar by Christopher Pizzino
Gilbert Hernandez as a Rhetor by F. Vance Neill
Picturing the Transnational in Palomar: 
Gilbert Hernandez and the Comics of the Borderlands by Jennifer Glaser
Comics as Remediation: 
Gilbert Hernandez's Human Diastrophism by Jesse Molesworth
Mood, Mystery, and Demystification in Gilbert Hernandez's 
Twentieth-First-Century NeoNoir Stand-Alones by Frederick Luis Aldama
Turf, Tags, and Territory: 
Spatiality in Jaime Hernandez's "Vida Loca: The Death of Speedy Ortiz" by Christopher González
Review of Recent Books from Gilbert Hernandez by Derek Parker Royal
Review of Love and Rockets New Stories, No 5 by James Bucky Carter
Review of God and Science: Return of the Ti-Girls by Andrew J. Kunka
Review of The Art of Jamie Hernandez by Patrick L. Hamilton
The Hernandez Brothers: A Selected Bibliography by Derek Parker Royal

Volume 12 Issue 2

Editors' Introduction by Katherine Shaeffer and Richard Burt
Visual Statements in Shakespearean Adaptations: Illustrating Romeo and Juliet for Children by Cara Byrne
"To dignify some old costumed claptrap": Shakespearean Allusion and the Status of Text in the DC Comics of Grant Morrison by Brandon Christopher
Shakespeare Manga: Early- or Post-modern? by Svenn-Arve Myklebost
Interface Rhetoric in Shakespearean Comics: A Study of the Effect of Interface on the Construction of Shakespeare's Plays by F. Vance Neill
The Tempest: Pastoral Romance or Colonial Critique? by Margaret Roper
"These are not our Father's words!": Kill Shakespeare's Defense of the Meta-Text by Jason Tondro
Review of The Metamorphoses of Tintin by Andréa Gilroy
Review of Bradford W. Wright's Comic Book Nation by Jeremiah Massengale
The Toils of a Clowes: A Review of Daniel Clowes: Conversations by Shauna Osborn
Review of Dante's Divine Comedy by Seymour Chwast by Nicholas A. Theisen