Volume 13 Issue 3

Which Side are You On? The Worlds of Grant Morrison by Francesco-Alessio Ursini, Adnan Mahmutovic and Frank Bramlett
Roundtable Transcript by Francesco-Alessio Ursini, Adnan Mahmutovic, and Frank Bramlett (Issue Editors), Kate Roddy, Keith Scott, Darragh Greene, Nick Galante, Tommi Kakko, David Coughlan, and Roy Cook
Roundtable Video
Morrison, Magic, and Visualizing the Word:
Text as Image in Vimanarama by Roy T. Cook
A Rubble of Fragments:
Disintegration into Panels in Grant Morrison's Comics by Clare Pitkethly
No Guru, No Method, No Teacher: 
"Grant Morrison" and GrantMorrisonTM by Keith Scott
"Here Comes Tomorrow":
The Ethics of Utopianism in Grant Morrison's New X-Men by Darragh Greene
Eternal Superteens and Mutant Spermatozoa: 
Grant Morrison and the Comic as Porneau by Kate Roddy
World of My Own:
Joe the Barbarian and the Cathartic Power of Fantasy by Nick Galante
Ecce Animot 
Or, The Animal Man That Therefore I Am by Adnan Mahmutovic, David Coughlan, and Stephen Blake Ervin
Making and Breaking the Superhero Quotidian:
How All-Star Superman Embodies and Revises the Everyday by Frank Bramlett
"The Image Rules the World":
Focalization, Hallucinations and Metalepsis in The Invisibles by Tommi Kakko and Mervi Miettinen
Language and Thought in The Invisibles by Francesco-Alessio Ursini
Book Review of The Superhero Reader by Eric L. Berlatsky
Book Review: The Ages of the Avengers: Essays on the Earth's Mightiest Heroes in Changing Times by Peter Han
Review of Comics and Narration by Melissa Loucks
Review of Southeast Asian Cartoon Art: Histories, Trends and Problems by Jeremy Stoll

Volume 13 Issue 2

A Note from the Editors by Terry Harpold and Anastasia Ulanowicz
Constructing Guy Delisle's Shenzhen and Deng Xiaoping's Shenzhen:
Graphic Novel and Urban Space by Michelle E. Bloom
Invisible Spaces for the "Impossible" State:
National Identity and the Production of Space in Joe Sacco's Palestine by Cristina Delgado-García
The Epistemology of the Phone Booth:
The Superheroic Identity and Queer Theory in Batwoman: Elegy by Andréa Gilroy
Introduction to the "Monsters in the Margins" Forum by Katherine Shaeffer and Spencer Chalifour
From Humbaba to the Wild Things:
The Monster Archetype That is Forever With Us by John Cech
Guest Artist Illustration: Monster Picnic by Jonathan Case
Two Lunatics:
Sanity and Insanity in The Killing Joke by Eric Doise
Obama Zombies and Rhetorical (Dis)Identifications in an Era of Dog Whistle Politics and Political Polarization by Laurie Gries
Erotic Grotesque Redemption:
Art of Opera in Azerbaijan: Mugham operas by Inara Maharramova
Chick Tracts, Monstrosity, and Pornography by Anastasia Ulanowicz
Review of Redrawing French Empire in Comics by Anne Cirella-Urrutia
Review of Black Comics: Politics of Race and Representation by Francesca Lyn
Review of Jose Alaniz's Death, Disability, and the Superhero: The Silver Age and Beyond by Ashley Manchester
Playing at the Margins:
A Review of Transnational Perspectives on Graphic Narratives by Kate Polak
Review of Comics and Language: Reimagining Critical Discourse on the Form by Molly J. Scanlon

Volume 13 Issue 1

TEACHING! POW! COMICS! BAM!: Pedagogical Approaches to Comics in Post-Secondary Classrooms by Najwa Al-Tabaa
Comics Poetry: Praxis and Pedagogy by Tamryn Bennett and Guillermo Batiz
Creating Graphic Nonfiction in the Postsecondary English Classroom to Develop Multimodal Literacies by Emily A. Wierszewski
Webcomics, Multimodality, and Information Literacy by Dale Jacobs
Library 1100: Information Literacy, Sequential Art, and Introduction to Library Research by Robert G. Weiner and Carrye Kay Syma
Comics as a Design Ecosystem: A Case for Comics in Design Education by Erik A. Evensen
Too Much Reading: Teaching Liberal Arts Comic Courses In A Studio College by Diana Green
Toward a History of the Black Superhero: Review of Super Black: American Pop Culture and Black Superheroes by Ezra Claverie
Review of Teaching Comics and Graphic Narratives: Essays on Theory, Strategy and Practice by Oriana Gatta
Gosh! by Terry Harpold
Review of Crossing Boundaries in Graphic Narrative by Will Moore
Review of Studying Comics and Graphic Novels by Derek Parker Royal
Comics Scholarship Joins Broader Discussions about Popular Culture, Region and Race: Review of Comics and the U.S. South by Kerry Soper
Review of From Comic Strips to Graphic Novels by Jeff Thoss
Michael Phillips's Vision of William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: A Review Essay by Walton Wood