Volume 14 Issue 2


Transgressive textualities and text generators, traditional conceptions of literature such as genre, filiation, reading, and pleasure

By: Stephen McDowall - p.6


American Literary, and the Scott’s tantalizingly unfinishedThe Love of the Last Tycoon(1941)

By: Henry James Miller - p.24


Challenge the idea of landscape as symbolic representation of the inner world of the speaking subject

By: David Morgan - p.32


General notes on the multicomponent complex sentences, composed of functionally different components

By: Akhmedova Kamala - p.47


Videogames, Art, Distinction: Infltrating Aesthetics

By: Trevor Strunk - p. 55


Language: Official and Unofficial words; contemporary; Infiltrating Aesthetics

Eskelinen, Markku - p.65


Complex history, corporations and so-called corporate culture


Author Guidelines…….p.100




Volume 14 Issue 1


Volume 13 Issue 4

Frances Baard's and Helen Joseph's struggle against apartheid, 
1950-1963: A comparative analysis byEstella Musiiwa
Protest by Potchefstroom native location's residents against 
dominance, 1904 to 1950 by Fanie (N.S.) Jansen van Rensburg
"More comfort, better prosperity, and greater advantage" by Gerald Groenewald
The image of a tamed landscape: dehesa through History in Spain byJosé Ramón Guzmán Álvarez
"Keep your town sweet and wholesome" The inspector of nuisances:
 a narrative of culture and sanitation in nineteenth-century Durban by Brian Kearney
From Makhaza to Rammulotsi: Reflections on " election" of 2011 by Johann W.N. Tempelhoff
The Livingstone Museum and its role in postcolonial Zambia, 1964-2006 by Friday Mufuzi
The "Tabriz Bazaar" during the Rule of Qajars;Ethnographic research by  Ilhama Mammadova
The government teacher as mediator of a "superior" education in Coles erg, 1849-1858 by Helen Ludlow
The forgotten killing fields: "San" genocide and Louis Anthing's mission to Bushmanland, 1862-1863by José Manuel de Prada-Samper
Rock art: Southern Africa's cultural treasure by Alan Barnard
Book reviews