The concept of war in the establishment of the "God's World" in France, the end of the X - the beginning of the XII century

The concept of war in the establishment of the "God's World" in France, the end of the X - the beginning of the XII century


by Oliver V. Aurin

Oxford University, UK

The last quarter of the tenth century. French church initiated the movement, which in the middle of the next century has been called the movement for "God's world» (pax Dei). Church efforts were primarily on-rule in the struggle with the endless internecine wars waged by both large and small lords in an extremely weakened royal power. But the desire of the world at that time turned out to be paradox-greasy due to the war. As part of the establishment of the "peace of God" CER-kov was forced to develop its own concept of "spraved-livoy War", which was significant evidence of the continuity of these antagonistic phenomena. "Just war" has become the most effective way to achieve peace. It is supplemented by new provisions at the end of XI century. in connection with the organization crusading dvi-zheniya, the idea of ​​"just war" has gained the status of "holy war", referring to the cause of the Roman throne.

Keywords: "God's world", "a just war", "God's turn-Rie" cathedral canon, "holy war."


The conscription in the late Roman Empire began IV according to the codes of Theodosius and Justinian

by Ernest V. Buldoin

Illinois University, Department of Classic History, USA



Article attempts to identify all the regulations governing the institute of billeting in the late Roman law IV - beginning of V in. n. e. Late considered the terminology used for billeting notation-tion Institute. The basic categories of persons entitled to use quartered. Characterized homeowner responsibilities with respect to guests, as well as the main categories of benefits relating to Xia liberation from Postojna service. In addition, attempts to identify general trends in the evolution of the Institute billeting.

Keywords: Late Antiquity, hostpitium, hospitalitas, wait, service, the Code of Theodosius, Justinian Code.


The Barbarian aspect" of the procopius uprising


by Devid W. Orlean 
University of Kentucky, USA


Article analyzes the problem of the participation of the barbarian tribes in the Sun-pitched Procopius 365-366 years. and their union with the Roman provincials.

Keywords: The Roman Empire, barbarians, insurrection, usurpation, province, provincial, soldiers.


Revolt of Procopius 365-366 years. in the eastern part of the Roman Empire, not overlooked researchers Antic-ness. The course of events in the IV one of the many attempts to usurp the supreme power. analyzed in the works of XIX-XX centuries.1, In the Num-le and in Russian2. Scientists involved in this issue, is trying to use all the available sources. But some aspects of the problem remain controversial and do not have a unique solution. These include the problem of interpretation of the co-authors of the ancient communication about the composition of participants in the uprising and special-no - problem of relations between the population of the Roman provinces, and representatives of alien peoples during specific events associated with con-Procopius.